"My work focuses on culture, corporate photography and diversity. And usually there are people in front of my camera."

Uwe Schinkel im Alter von zirka 4 Jahren fotografiert mit einer Kodak instamatic seine ersten Fotos.

I have been involved in photography since 1971. The technology and the work clothes have changed a bit in the meantime. My interest in people and special moments is unabated.

It all started with a Kodak Instamatic. As a teenager, however, I was more interested in my saxophone and a jazz guitar. Thanks to my wife and the German Youth Photo Prize, my passion for photography was awakened. Soon afterwards I founded the Huan Hovawart photo gallery. From culture management I went to study photography, followed by an appointment to the DGPh (German Photographic Society).

First orders for brand eins (a German business magazine) and Thyssengas (one of the leading gas transmission system operators in Germany) made it easier for me to become self-employed, which then led me into photojournalism for nine years. My solo exhibition "fast work" in the Von der Heydt Museum was certainly a milestone during this time.

Since 2014 I have been working increasingly for advertising agencies, corporate communications and cultural institutions. I really enjoy working on visual languages and concepts. The primary goal remains to create the best possible image for goal-oriented, successful  communication.

Sympathische Portrait des Fotografen Uwe Schinkel.

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